Share Paper: B-Level ICT Training Programs: Have They Changed the Way Greek Teachers Face ICTs?

  1. Alexios Legontis, University of Macedonia, Greece
  2. Vassilios Dagdilelis, University of Macedonia, Greece
Tuesday, June 24 11:15-11:45 AM B3118

Abstract: This study is related to Greek teachers’ in-service training programs in the pedagogical use and integration of ICTs, called b-level. A quantitative descriptive research method was employed to investigate participants’ ICT competency and beliefs, frequency of ICT instruments and didactic methods at the start (N=335) and the end (N=200) of the b-level training programs. The results indicate that primary and secondary teachers improved their competency to integrate ICTs in their teaching while their beliefs about ICTs seem to be invariant and from the outset positive. The frequency of ICT use was increased, however didn’t reach a high level. The impact ...