Share Paper: Design and Development the Scratch Curriculum for K1-12 Students

  1. Lei Chen, School of Educational Technology, Beijing Normal University, China
  2. Feng-Kuang Chiang, Beijing Normal University, China
Tuesday, June 24 5:55 PM-6:15 PM B3111

Abstract: This study aims to design a special curriculum of Scratch to promote STEM integration abilities of primary school students. Based on the teaching method of Lego 4C, we are designing two volumes for the curriculum. The first one is mostly for simply using Scratch and Scratch Board, and the second one is integrating other disciplines’ knowledge, such as science and mathematics. Scratch Board contains slider, resistance, buttons, photo resistor and acoustic resistor, extending functions of Scratch and promoting students’ engineering abilities. Through learning the curriculum, students’ STEM integration abilities can be greatly promoted. Now the curriculum is being designed and ...