Probing The Impact of Computer Integration Through The Laws Of Media.

ID: 43150 Type: Best Practices Session
  1. Paul Syme Syme and Scott Bennett, Horton High School, Canada

Tuesday, June 24 5:15-5:35 PM Location: B3116 View on map

No presider for this session.

Abstract: Marshall and Eric McLuhan gave us the Laws of Media as an efficient tool of creative inquiry we can apply to provide insight into how new media impact an ecosystem. The Laws of Media are a tetrad of four ways in which a new media displaces ground by enhancing a function, recalling an old media, obsolescing an existing one and, at its extreme, reverses into its opposite form. As our innovations outpace curriculum and schools, we are increasingly challenged to remain relevant and engaging. We can see the contrast when some schools ban student smart-phones while others embrace them. Who is right? By exploring both the intended and unintentional consequences of how any medium affects the user, the Laws of Media can help critical thinkers to better understand and anticipate the potential impact of our decisions.


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