Share Paper: Development of Mobile Training Systems for Disaster Evacuation Plans

  1. Hisashi Hatakeyama, Tokyo Metropolitan University, Japan
  2. Masahiro Nagai, Tokyo Metropolitan University, Japan
  3. Masao Murota, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
Tuesday, June 24 5:55 PM-6:15 PM B3109

Abstract: We scrutinized previous studies for training system requirements to effectively teach disaster evacuation. The acquisition of knowledge using a learning area and cases of gaining experience to make judgments while reading about a scenario have been reported in previous studies. In this paper, we considered combining basic knowledge learning with experience learning into an effective teaching method to train proactive decision-making during disasters. Therefore, we have designed two learning support systems: the FaLAS system to summarize disaster assumptions based on basic knowledge learning, and the ES3 system for evacuation training using scenarios created from the collected assumption information. We think ...