Share Paper: Giving virtual world learning a pedagogical boost with a gamified authentic learning design

  1. Hanna Teräs, Curtin University, Australia
  2. Marko Teräs, Curtin University, Australia
  3. Torsten Reiners, Curtin University, Australia
Tuesday, June 24 11:35-11:55 AM B3110

Abstract: Gamification is one of today’s hot topics in education. However, the concept is new and sometimes gets mixed up with others, such as virtual worlds or game-based learning. Understanding of what gamification actually is and what the educational benefits are is also diverse. The nDiVE research team explores how learning work related skills in supply chain management with the help of immersive virtual worlds can be supported with a learning design building on elements of gamification and the pedagogical framework of authentic learning. The complexity of supply chains and the related skills cannot be fully acquired from textbooks or other ...