Share Paper: Association between Preservice Teachers’ Personal Differences and Their Facebook Use: A Comparative Study in Turkey and the USA

  1. Oguzhan Atabek, Middle East Technical University, Turkey
  2. Soner Yildirim, Middle East Technical University, Turkey
Wednesday, June 25 10:00-10:30 AM B3111

Abstract: This paper reports the findings from the quantitative phase of an explanatory sequential mixed-method PhD study conducted in Turkey and the USA in order to investigate the implementability of social networking services for educational purposes. It was aimed to shed light on the nature of relationship between the use of social networking services and pre-service teachers’ personality, motivation to use Facebook, motives to use Facebook, and attitude towards using Facebook. For scaling motives, motivation, personality, Facebook use, and attitude towards using Facebook, five questionnaires which were developed and used in English were translated into Turkish. Exploratory and confirmatory factor analyses ...