Share Paper: A SMS with a KISS. Towards a Pedagogical Design of a Metadata System for Adaptive Learning Pathways.

  1. Christian Swertz, University of Vienna, Austria
  2. Alessandro Barberi, University of Vienna, Austria
  3. Alexandra Forstner, Universtiy of Vienna, Austria
  4. Alexander Schmölz,, Austria
  5. Peter Henning, HSKA, Austria
  6. Florian Heberle, HSKA, Austria
Wednesday, June 25 1:30 PM-2:00 PM B3110

Abstract: While there are many ontologies and metadata standards available in the field of Technology Enhanced Learning that support adaptive learning pathways, hardly any of these ontologies and metadata standards are ready for use and applied in professional education. Thus we suggest a simple metadata system (SMS) that considers educational theories, is kept simple and stupid (KISS) to increase usability and delivers pedagogical benefits. Keywords: Learning Pathways, Adaptive System Design, Metadata System