Share Paper: Analysis of Cellphone-Based Cheating on Entrance Exam ~ Sense of Guilt and Degree of Sympathy~

  1. Hiroko Kanoh, Yamagata University, Japan
Thursday, June 26 3:05-3:25 PM B3109

Abstract: With 95.5% of cellphone ownership by high school students on their own and wide spread of smart-phone as well, cellphone- and internet-based cheating may still occur in the future due to improved environment for internet use by cellphone. Therefore, we analyzed what kinds of impression about such behaviors of injustice examinees had who owned cellphones with experience of internet use. As a result, sense of guilt they had for exploitation of cellphone or the internet during college entrance exam was ranked fourth after substitute exam-taking, acquisition of questions of entrance exam beforehand and bribe. As for differences between genders, the ...