Share Paper: Collaborative VOD Platform for Classroom Observation

  1. Hiroki Ishizuka, Hokkaido University of Education, Japan
  2. Ryuichi Yorozuya, Hokkaido University of Education, Japan
Wednesday, June 25 3:00 PM-5:00 PM B3108

Abstract: Classroom observation research has been conducted to investigate how language classes reflect Second Language Acquisition (SLA) theories since the late 20th century, and one of the validated methods to measure communicativeness of a class called COLT was invented by N, Spada and M. Fröhlich. This method, though, has not largely prevailed for use in classrooms because of its time-consuming procedure of transcribing, segmenting, and coding. The authors, in order to overcome this shortcoming, have developed a new video-on-demand platform named VODCAST, which can help conduct classroom observation and analysis with great efficiency and speed. It has a possibility of becoming ...