Share Paper: The Astronomy Educational Project of Remote Observatory of Taipei

  1. Shih-Yi Lin, Taipei Municipal Zhong-Lun Senior High School, Taiwan
  2. Chang-Jen Wu, Taipei Municipal Nan-Hu High School, Taiwan
Wednesday, June 25 3:00 PM-5:00 PM B3108

Abstract: This is the first experimental astronomy education project in Taiwan which supplies teachers and students free of charge to remote control the telescope and observatory dome, and it is the first time that the Department of Education of Taipei City Government agrees to transfer two senior high school teachers who are interested and good at astronomy education to do the project which is proposed by themselves. There are 42 teachers and 278 students since October 2005 have the accounts to access the remote observatory of Taipei, and there are at least 18 free astronomy laboratory courses for the participants to ...