Share Paper: Implementing eLearning Organisation-wide - The Case of Lapland University of Applied Sciences

  1. Anu Pruikkonen, Lapland University of Applied Sciences, Finland
Tuesday, June 24 5:35-5:55 PM B3107

Abstract: Lapland University of Applied Sciences (established on 1.1.2014 when Kemi-Tornio UAS and Rovaniemi UAS merged) has made a strategic choice to implement the majority of its adult education degree programmes online, having at the moment more than 1000 adult students studying online. Starting in the year 2000 the school sequentially adopted the tools needed to enable and support this educational paradigm. The adoption of new tools and teaching methods concerns the majority of the staff and has also required investments in elearning support services. At the moment Lapland UAS is further developing its elearning activities and establishing virtual campus. The ...