Share Paper: How to Revive Building Blocks by Digitization

  1. Martti Havukainen, University of Eastern Finland, Finland
  2. Keshav Gupta, University of Eastern Finland, Finland
  3. Charl Wolhuter, North West University, South Africa
  4. Erkki Sutinen, University of Eastern Finland, Finland
Wednesday, June 25 4:30 PM-5:00 PM B3117

Abstract: The importance of building blocks for learning and education through playful activities from a constructivist perspective is summarized on the basis of a comprehensive and critical literature review. The applications of building blocks are evident in art, education, social interaction, real world modeling, problem solving, common play and storytelling. Based ón twenty years of professional experience in special education we have shown that digitization of the building block games promotes accessibility and imagination capabilities while enabling diverse learning with automatic intervention and social collaboration.