Share Paper: Threaded Scholarly Discourse: The Key to Enhancing Online Learning

  1. Amelia Allen, Felician College, United States
  2. Harvey Allen, Monmouth University, United States
  3. Michelle Anderson, Felician College, United States
  4. Karen Pezzolla, Felician College, United States
Thursday, June 26 10:00-10:30 AM B3109

Abstract: Abstract: Online learning is an instructional design that enables colleges and universities to develop courses that provide students who prefer online learning as a format that increases scheduling flexibility. This also gives the institutions greater use of facilities and resources. This paper examines the research that has been done, as well as, the proceess that should be used to enhance the online experience through Threaded Scholarly Discourse (TSD). TSD, when designed and implemented as described within this paper, will provide students with a learning experience equal to or greater than the traditional face to face model.