Share Paper: Beginning, Middle and End: Authoring Educational Role Playing Games

  1. Vanessa R. M. L. Maike, UNICAMP, Brazil
  2. M. CecĂ­lia C. Baranauskas, UNICAMP, Brazil
Tuesday, June 24 10:30 AM-11:00 AM B3118

Abstract: Table-top Role Playing Games can be powerful educational tools if they have an engaging story and dynamic support. Authoring them, however, can be a great challenge for teachers or even students who do not have enough experience in neither story creation nor game design. This paper describes the design process taken to create a framework that aims at offering a structure to support the author through the process of joining good narrative with game elements and educational content. This process was inspired and grounded by reference literature, and following Participatory Design practices, it involved experiments with different stakeholders in different ...