Share Paper: The Contribution of the Innovative Learning Environment on Improving Pupils’ Digital Literacy

  1. Noga Magen-Nagar, Gordon College of Education, Israel
  2. Pnina Steinberger, Orot Israel College of Education, Ashkelon Academic College, Israel
Wednesday, June 25 2:00-2:30 PM B3116

Abstract: This study aims to examine the contribution of such a classroom learning environment to improving digital literacy- that actual versus that preferred- according to the pupils’ perception. The study comprised 351 students in 4th-6th grade classes in Israeli urban elementary schools. The pupils completed the TROFLEI questionnaire. The research findings indicate a significant disparity, according to the pupils’ perception, between the actual and the preferred innovative learning environment regarding six attributes: inquiry, task orientation, young adult ethos, teacher support, cooperation and equity. In addition, the research findings show that inquiry, cooperation and differentiation predict digital literacy. Following the research findings, ...