Share Paper: Micro-revolutions in the open networks of teachers in Finland

  1. Anne Rongas, Finnish eLearning Centre, Finland
  2. Anu Konkarinkoski, Tavastia Vocational College, Finland
  3. Kaisa Honkonen-Ratinen, Finnish eLearning Centre, United States
Thursday, June 26 11:35-11:55 AM B3110

Abstract: Social media has opened the gateway to new types of learning communities. Educators in Finland have found this power of social media. The small linguistic region and uniform way of working are made into assets. Social media and the accompanying opportunity to innovate in communities of practice across organisational boundaries are at the core of their activity. Many teacher-networks, founded on voluntary activity, implement reforms both in pedagogical practices and social activities. The driving forces include the development work that takes place among peers and their learning from one another. We have good reason to speak of micro-revolutions.