Share Paper: A project for transitional education of doctoral applicants in educational technology

  1. Barbara Class, University of Geneva, Switzerland
  2. Daniel K. Schneider, University of Geneva, Switzerland
  3. Richard Canal, IFIC, Tunisia
  4. Mona Laroussi, National Institute of Applied Sciences and Technology, University of Carhtage, Tunisia
Thursday, June 26 4:00-4:30 PM B3111

Abstract: This article concerns a new project among French speaking countries in the EMEA region. Its goal is to set up transitional education for doctoral applicants in the domain of educational technology, to help them write a robust PhD proposal and to enable them to apply as doctoral student in one of the partner universities. We shall discuss the first stage of an Educational Design Research (EDR) project to design a new distance teaching programme and to create a study book on research methodologies in educational technology. This EDR project is also meant to serve as a work-in-progress best practice project ...