Share Paper: Introducing 3D Printing to the classroom using inquiry: A case study describing implementation, challenges and successes

  1. Nathaniel Ostashewski, Curtin University of Technology, Australia
  2. Erin Reid, Wayfinder Education, Canada
  3. Doug Reid, MacEwan University, Canada
Tuesday, June 24 5:45 PM-6:15 PM B1100

Abstract: This paper present a case study of the implementation of 3D printer technology into a grade 3 classroom. The case described took place over a six-month period where the 3D printer was completely new to the technology-interested teacher. The purpose of the ongoing research project is to describe a timeline of 3D printer use and integration into K-12 classrooms, identifying challenges, needed supports, and successes of the technology. In theory new technologies require teacher PD, technology support, and curricular integration. In practice, an inquiry based project and teaching approach is one way that technology-interested teachers can successfully integrate 3D printing ...