Share Paper: World Wide Narratives: Amplifying Story-Telling and Listening with Mobile Devices

  1. Shivaani Selvaraj, Penn State University, United States
  2. Heather Hughes, Penn State University, United States
Thursday, June 26 2:00-2:30 PM B3110

Abstract: This paper details the motivations for and implementation of a campus-wide program designed to broaden perspectives and inspire critical agency through the process of telling and listening to stories of lived experience. World Wide Narratives focuses on the untold stories of students, faculty, and staff, particularly those from marginalized communities, aiming to shift awareness of difference, prompt deeper reflection on our positions in the world, and provoke new approaches to addressing inequalities in educational institutions. The program impacts ten percent of the campus population through the recording process, screenings, trainings, curriculum integration, and climate assessment research. Technology is kept at ...