Share Paper: Valuing Teachers' Diverse Attitudes to and use of Social Media

  1. Alison Fox, School of Education, University of Leicester, United Kingdom
Tuesday, June 24 11:15 AM-12:15 PM B1096

Abstract: This paper presents the results of a survey of 200 UK teachers’ reported use and attitudes towards social media, in particular in relation to educational purposes. Like those in society more generally, teachers were divided in their use social media, with our data suggesting 4 groups of user: 'Enthusiasts' (3% of the sample); More 'cautious users/engagers' (35%); A diverse group considered tentatively as 'sceptics' (32%); A group classified, from focus group discussions, as 'conscious luddites' (30%). Teachers’ personal and professional uses of social media are closely related but not in a simple relationship. Not all users see social media as ...