Share Paper: Integration of Online Applets into Mathematics Teaching: The Case of Quadratic Functions

  1. Mustafa Demir, University of Detroit Mercy, United States
  2. Rico Reaser, University of Detroit Mercy, United States

Abstract: This study examined the impact of using online math applets (OMAs) on middle school students’ knowledge of quadratic functions, one of the areas where students often have difficulties in their learning (Ellis & Grinstead, 2008). Through using Hiebert and Lefevre’s (1986) framework on knowledge types, the problems are assigned into two categories: “conceptual,” and “procedural.” Participants were forty-two eight grade students, randomly assigned into groups, worked on quadratic functions throughout the online-applets based instruction versus traditional lecture. The pre-and-posttest assessing students’ procedural and conceptual knowledge of quadratic functions were administered and students’ interactions with the OMAs were analyzed. The findings ...