Share Paper: How could teachers' professional collaboration in teacher networks be better studied as part of digital competence?

  1. Riina Vuorikari, JRC-IPTS, Spain
  2. Barbara Brecko, JRC-IPTS, Spain
Tuesday, June 24 10:00 AM-11:00 AM B1096

Abstract: Teacher networks, i.e. communities to share and co-construct professional knowledge, are touted to be important for teachers’ continuous professional development. Especially social networks and online communities can offer opportunities anywhere, anytime and at a relatively low cost as compared to on-site training. In this paper we present a concept for comparing a set of teachers’ digital competence frameworks at international and national level with a specific focus on indicators for participation and activities in teacher networks. Furthermore, using data from Survey of Schools: ICT in education we present national differences regarding participation in teacher networks and reflect it through some ...