Share Paper: Teachers’ professional development in online social networking sites

  1. Stefania Manca, Institute for Educational Technology, National Research Council of Italy, Italy
  2. Maria Ranieri, Department of Education and Psychology, University of Florence, Italy
Tuesday, June 24 11:15 AM-12:15 PM B1096

Abstract: Social media and social networking sites are progressively gaining attention also in relation to professional development and life-long learning for school and academic teachers and staff. In particular, social media and social networking sites are emerging as places in which to cultivate different forms of social capital, bridging and bonding, that facilitate coordination and cooperation for mutual benefit, as well as exchange of resources, personal and professional relationships and implications for psychological well-being. The paper presents some conceptual reflections about the value of these tools for school and academic teachers’ professional development. Moreover, two examples related to some Facebook groups ...