Thursday, June 26
8:30 AM-9:30 AM
Tampere Hall

How ICT challenges our beliefs of learning?

Keynote ID: 43440
  1. aaa
    Erno Lehtinen
    University of Turku

Abstract: Since the early years of information technology it has been used as a metaphor for developing a more detailed description of human cognition and learning. Later on computers and other information technologies have been seen as extensions of human cognition, which have made it possible for people to comprehend increasingly complex processes. In the presentation I will analyse how the ubiquitous ICT will challenge the basic beliefs about the gradual construction of cognitive structures and knowledge accumulation. Are our theories of learning and development prepared to explain consequences of new cultural practices when infants play with tablets, young children extend their communication networks far beyond their close communities and adolescents have access to information that previously was only available for experts? I will also discuss what could be the role of institutional education in this development.

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