Share Paper: Why we Need Distributed, Transformational e-Leadership and Trust in the Fifth Age of Educational Media and Technology

  1. Jill Jameson, Univ. of Grenwich, United Kingdom
Tuesday, June 24 10:00 AM-11:00 AM B1100

Abstract: The current era might, in theory, be described as the best time ever for educational media and technology. I argue that the field is growing into a fifth, more advanced 'age' of e-leadership (Jameson, 2013) after a long period of gestation and development encompassing four prior 'ages' identified by Winn (2002): (1) an instructional design content focus; (2) an 'age' of differentiated design based on media format; (3) a scaffolding of student learning, constructivist phase; and (4) a distributed cognition, social learning in communities 'age', all to an extent still with us, but moving inexorably now into a new era. ...