Share Paper: Alternate Endings: Developing Literacy and Interpersonal Skills in an Inclusive Classroom using iPads and Storybird

  1. Sarah Harnish, St. Mary's College of Maryland, United States
  2. Lin Muilenburg, St. Mary's College of Maryland, United States
Tuesday, June 23 1:30 PM-2:30 PM Salon A

Abstract: This study examines the use of iPads and the Storybird website in a first grade inclusion classroom for literacy instruction. Using the grouping without tracking model, the teacher formed student groups to differentiate instruction and to enhance students’ opportunities for socialization in the context of working towards a common goal to increase self-determination as well as content knowledge. Working in their small groups, students discussed alternate endings to a read-aloud story. Then, students created their alternate endings with graphics and text using the iPads and Storybird. Most first graders met or surpassed the learning objective, although some students had difficulty ...