Share Paper: “I fired the chef!” Simulation gameplay for enhancing food service management skills

  1. Chrisna Botha-Ravyse, TELIT-SA North-West University South Africa, South Africa
  2. Susanna Hanekom, AUTHeR, North-West University, South Africa, South Africa
Thursday, June 30 10:30 AM-11:00 AM Grand Ballroom C

Abstract: Designing games for health education should heed the needs of game fidelity. The study aimed to evaluate a prototype game developed for dietetic students to ensure that the elements of fidelity contributed best to learning. Students played the prototype game and provided feedback of their experience, perceptions and usefulness of the game. The game was designed based on key gaming elements, also incorporating the lecturer’s perceptions and experience. A wire-frame prototype evaluation provided insight into the perception and end user experience. Focus-group discussions, individual interviews, and a walk-through analysis contributed data. The findings were that elements like curiosity, desire to ...