Share Paper: The Role of Self-Assessment in Coaching for Tech Integration:The Secret to Empowering, Equipping, and Inspiring Today’s Teachers to Become Tomorrow’s Leaders

  1. Katie Alaniz, Houston Baptist University, United States
  2. Dawn Wilson, Houston Baptist University, United States
Thursday, June 30 11:35-11:55 AM Junior Ballroom B

Abstract: Today’s educators must teach their students legacy content as well as how to use digital tools to think critically, collaborate, and innovate creatively as they live in the world around them. Unfortunately, many teachers feel uncomfortable integrating technology into learning experiences. Previous findings demonstrate that collegial coaching for technology integration holds tremendous potential to support teachers in overcoming such inhibitions. In this model, technology related PD is accomplished through a coaching relationship that is differentiated, targeted, and immediately applicable. The current research focuses specifically on the process of preparing coaches for their work with colleagues through initial self-assessment and reflection.