Transmedia Storytelling: An Innovative Approach to Literacy and Learning

ID: 48656 Type: Workshop
  1. Amanda Hovious, Independent Consultant, United States

Tuesday, June 28 9:30 AM-1:00 PM

Abstract: Transmedia storytelling is an emerging technology and innovative approach to supporting 21st-century learning. From transmedia franchises (Hollywood-style) to interactive fiction to transmedia web series, the underlying principles of transmedia storytelling are strongly rooted in theories of multimodality, making it an ideal tool for supporting today's learners. In this workshop, participants will be introduced to the concept of transmedia storytelling, the theoretical frameworks that make it a 21st-century learning tool, and ideas for how transmedia can be integrated across the curriculum, Participants will also have time to play with a variety of transmedia projects and explore ways in which they can integrate transmedia into their own practices.


By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to: 1. Define the concept of transmedia storytelling. 2. Identify exemplars of transmedia storytelling that can be used in the classroom or library. 3. Describe the underlying frameworks (e.g., multimodality, New Literacies, constructivist learning environments) that make transmedia storytelling a 21st-century learning tool. 4. Align transmedia storytelling to 21st-century learning standards. 5. Examine ways in which transmedia storytelling might be integrated into their own practices.

Topical Outline

I. Origins of Transmedia Storytelling A. Defining the concept B. The seven principles of transmedia storytelling C. Single-narrative vs. multiple narrative transmedia D. Genres E. Case examples II. Theories and Frameworks for Learning A. Multimodality B. New Literacies C. New Media Literacies D. Storytelling pedagogy (and curriculum) E. Game-based learning (constructivist learning environments) F. Effortful Creativity III. Applying Theory to Practice (Examples) A. Alignment to learning standards B. Ideas for integration across the curriculum 1. Makerspaces 2. Language arts 3. Information technology fluency 4. Social studies 5. Mathematics 6. Science IV. Sand Box Participants will be given time to play with a variety of transmedia storytelling projects, and collaboratively explore innovative ways in which transmedia can be integrated into their own practices. It is recommended that participants bring their own devices (laptops or tablets) for this section of the workshop.


Experience with technology integration preferred, but not mandatory.

Experience Level



Amanda Hovious, MS, MLIS, is the author of Transmedia Storytelling: The Librarian's Guide, Libraries Unlimited, 2015 (ISBN 978-1-61069-661-6). With a professional background as both a librarian and instructional designer, Ms. Hovious brings a unique perspective to the world of educational technology, with an eye toward technologies that fully support 21st-century literacies. For more information, see


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