Share Paper: Raising the bar for learner engagement – best practices in leveraging technology to redefine adult learner attendance and participation in graduate courses.

  1. Adrian Zappala, Peirce College, United States
Thursday, June 30 3:25-3:45 PM Junior Ballroom B

Abstract: This best practice session will review educational delivery initiatives undertaken by a higher education institution dedicated to meeting the learning needs of post-secondary nontraditional students. Peirce College, located in Philadelphia, PA, United States, has redefined the notion of ‘attendance’ in traditional 3-credit graduate courses offered in its Master of Science in Organizational Leadership and Management program. Learner attendance in courses now has multiple definitions and includes varied modalities to meet ever-changing learner needs. This best practices session will review these modalities and key lessons learned during the program's implementation - with an eye towards future developments.