Share Paper: Collaborative Learning Annotation System (CLAS)

  1. Fred Cutler, University of British Columbia, Canada
  2. Thomas Dang, University of British Columbia, Canada
  3. Angela Lam, University of British Columbia, Canada
Wednesday, June 29 5:15 PM-7:00 PM Grand Ballroom C

Abstract: CLAS, the Collaborative Learning Annotation System (CLAS), is a web-based system that integrates video playback, time based annotation and commenting, recording and media management all combined into one application. Students are able to manage their personal annotations and notes to promote self-directed study, while at the same time engaging in social commenting and discussion with their classmates to encourage peer learning. In this poster, will showcase the achievements over the past two years in the extension of developing the existing CLAS tool through a grant provided by University of British Columbia via the Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund (TLEF).