Share Paper: What is the Subject for Student Teachers to Use ICT in Education?: Problem Analysis of Teacher Training’s Post-Survey

  1. Takeshi Morishita, Shinshu University, Japan
  2. Yoshiaki Fujii, Kamo Elementary School, Japan
  3. Mitsunori Yatsuka, Shinshu University, Japan
  4. Yoshinori Higashibara, Shinshu University, Japan
Thursday, June 30 3:05-3:25 PM Pavilion Ballroom A

Abstract: At the Shinshu University Faculty of Education, student teachers are required to use ICT equipment in classes they teach during their student-teaching practicum. Their most troubles on using ICT in classes were not able to reflecting a notebook PC or a tablet computer to LCD monitor or projector well. In particular, they had trouble with enlarging a screen of iPad with Apple TV. We found that their needs to learn the basic knowledge and skill to use ICT in classes, for example how to connect to a wireless LAN and difference of HDMI and VGA. Student teachers had a trouble ...