Share Paper: Effect of 3D Printing in Living Technology Course on Technological Creativity

  1. Tsan-Chieh Huang, National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan
  2. Yu-Tzu Lin, National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan
  3. Cheng-Chih Wu, National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan
  4. Yu-Ying Huang, New Taipei Municipal Hsin Tien Senior High School, Taiwan
Thursday, June 30 11:35-11:55 AM Grand Ballroom C

Abstract: This research intends to study the design and development of 3D-printing-based instructional methodology for the living technology course, and its effectiveness on students’ technological creativity. The instructional method was designed based on the design thinking process, which guided students to conduct design and production. This study adopts quasi-experimental research method, the experimental group used 3D modelling and printing to assist creation design, whereas the control group used Gigo bricks to assist creation design. The experiment results show that although the experimental and control group had no differences in the results of the technological creativity test, however, the experimental group performed ...