Share Paper: Design and Implementation of a Piano Learning Support System Considering Maintenance of Motivation

  1. Yoshinari Takegawa, Future University Hakodate, Japan
  2. Yuto Fukuya, Future University Hakodate, Japan
  3. Hidekatsu Yanagi, Future University Hakodate, Japan
Wednesday, June 29 10:30 AM-11:00 AM Junior Ballroom C

Abstract: Playing the piano requires various skills which it takes long-term basic practice to acquire, such as playing indicated notes correctly. If the effort of this process can be reduced, the player will be able to enjoy and persevere with practice. Existing methods to lower the difficulty threshold in the initial stage of practice such as indicating the next key to be pressed. Accordingly, even a learner using the methods will become frustrated and ultimately lose motivation if the assigned piece is too difficult, as he or she will experience continuous keying mistakes and be unable to proceed to the next ...