Designing Your Flipped Classroom Using the Flipped Teacher & Flipped Learner Framework

Posted by Jorge Reyna on May 25 2017 at 1 p.m.

  • Dear colleagues,

    We are excited to come to EdMedia 2017 and discuss our Flipped Teacher & Flipped Learner (FTFL) Framework. We will be discussing the following questions:


    1. What are the rationale and underlying pedagogy of FC?
    2. Why is important to develop a storyboard of online content for FC?
    3. How to design activities before, during and after the classroom?
    4. What are the considerations to present online content for FC?
    5. Why is the technology the last part of the planning of FC?
    6. How to communicate the FC to the students?
    7. How do we evaluate FC?

    We will provide a copy of the FTFL framework. Looking forward to meeting all.

    Jorge Reyna Peter Meier Faculty of Science University of Technology Sydney, Australia


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