Share Paper: Obstacles to the adoption of MOOCs in flipped classrooms: Students’ and teachers’ perspectives

  1. Caroline Cloonan, ISG Paris, France
  2. Narjes Sassi, ISG Paris, France
Wednesday, June 21 11:50 AM-12:10 PM Wright

Abstract: Setting up a successful online pedagogy can be challenged by both teachers and students. As pedagogical coordinators in a business school, we analyzed students’ and teachers’ experiences when MOOCs were implemented in a flipped classroom model, in which learning was reversed. For teachers, the main obstacles to the adoption of MOOCs included the following: a) a resistance to the pedagogy transformation and teaching paradigm, (b) the difficulty appropriating content that they had not developed, (c) the uncertainty about the quality of available learning metrics, and (d) the uncertainty regarding the use of MOOCs by the school and the inherent potential ...