In their own words: Using open education as a generative learning strategy to create a multi-author open resource on educational technology as a socio-technical system

ID: 51232 Type: Roundtable
  1. Stephanie Moore, Christianna Andrews, and Leeanne Porta, University of Virginia, United States

Thursday, June 22 11:30 AM-12:30 PM

Lyudmila Smirnova, Mount Saint Mary College, United States

Frameworks from Society, Technology, and Society (STS) have largely been applied to other technology-oriented fields but rarely to educational technology. Yet the research in both fields converge repeatedly on key themes. In a graduate-level online class on “Technology, Learning Systems, and Culture,” students explored many of these themes to examine educational technologies as complex socio-technical systems. However, this required students to engage in a sort of disciplinary translation activity, applying ideas from other fields to learning and performance contexts. To facilitate that translation process and create a shareable resource, the class constructed an Open Education Resource (OER) connecting new knowledge (e.g. STS theories and systems thinking) to existing knowledge (prior knowledge and experience with technologies and education). We will discuss how the assignment reflected generative learning, what the students generated for this assignment, and next steps.


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