Share Paper: Opinions of Early Childhood Experts About Design and Utilization of Interactive E-Books

  1. Figen Demirel-Uzun, Gazi University, Turkey
  2. Hasan Cakir, Gazi University, Turkey
Friday, June 23 11:50 AM-12:10 PM Edison B

Abstract: This study aims to examine the opinions of experts from early childhood education departments and early childhood teachers about designing and using interactive e-books for children’s learning process. Data is collected from 6 academicians and 7 teachers with semi-structured interviews lasted about 45 minutes in average. Data were analyzed according to content analysis. Findings showed that the usage of the interactive e-books in early childhood education is seen meaningful because of the two compelling reasons such as remaining alone in free time reading and parents' time allocation problems for reading activities. As a result, the contributions were obtained as an ...