Share Paper: Are you ready? Assessing Digital Competencies for Online Learning via the General Technology Confidence and Use (GTCU) Instrument

  1. Maurice DiGiuseppe, University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT), Canada
  2. Roland vanOostveen, UOIT, Canada
  3. Elizabeth Childs, Royal Roads University, Canada
  4. Todd Blayone, UOIT, Canada
  5. Wendy Barber, UOIT, Canada
Thursday, June 22 3:40 PM-4:00 PM Wright

Abstract: This brief paper reports on one part of a case study of a fully online course conducted in the Faculty of Education of a mid-sized university in the province of Ontario, Canada. This course—part of the faculty’s Bachelor of Arts in Educational Studies and Digital Technology (BA-ESDT) program—was focused on Problem-Based Learning (PBL); included both synchronous and asynchronous components; employed the Fully Online Learning Community (FOLC) learning model; and required its learners to complete an online version of the General Technological Competence and Use (GTCU) survey, both near the beginning (pre) and end (post) of the course, to assess learners’ ...