Who Needs VR When You Have VW(orlds)?

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  1. David Deeds, Schutz American School, Egypt

Tuesday, June 26 6:00 PM-7:00 PM Location: Koepelzaal

Presider: Douglass Scott, Waseda University, Japan

Abstract: Virtual Reality (VR) is all the rage these days...can't scan a techie publication without seeing a mention of this or that headset. But for many schools, VR implementation remains elusive because of cost and other practical considerations. When, e.g., the required graphics cards cost as much as the desktops, the Real Reality (RR) is that educators just can't afford to play. VR has, among other developments, focused attention once again on VW or virtual worlds. Yes, they're still around. I presented about them at an AACE Conference in Lisbon in 2011, and I've been using them in my classes since 2006. I've found that just presenting about virtual worlds isn't sufficient to get people started, though. Conducting a workshop is necessary to give teachers the hands-on experience they need to feel comfortable implementing this flexible, exciting and CHEAP technology. (I could also conduct this workshop with a more specific Games-Based Learning (GBL) focus, as I've done for Serious Play Conference: https://www.slideshare.net/davidwdeeds/david-w-deeds-its-not-whether-you-win-or-lose-serious-play-conference-2017 Or, to have -- even more -- -- fun, I could redo my misadventures trying to implement GBL in schools around the world: https://www.slideshare.net/davidwdeeds/serious-play-conference-edtech-evangelist-converting-the-unbelievers-63730565) BUT I think the most interesting approach would be to do it "AACE/VW: 2011-18." A before and after thing. ;)


* Introduce virtual worlds * Compare VWs with VR/AR * Discuss how VR works with VW (the ultimate!) * Discuss school options for implementation * Discuss pros and cons of different deployments * Get teachers inworld and involved with navigation, building and programming exercises! * Cover interactive discussions re: lesson plans and other considerations * Cover subject by subject and overall/interdisciplinary usage * How to install OpenSimulator (get it free!) * Discuss/demonstrate other/older VWs

Topical Outline

I. Introduction/Goals II. Definitions/History III. Downloading Viewer (if not already done) IV. Different Virtual Worlds: Pros, Cons V. OpenSimulator: Popularity a. Business Applications b. Education Applications VI. OpenSimulator: Choices a. Local or Host b. Vendors VII. OpenSimulator: Basics a. Navigation b. Building c. Programming d. Collaboration, inc. Global VIII. OpenSimulator: Lesson Plans a. Art b. Music c. Science d. Generic/Cross-Curricular/Interdisciplinary IX. OpenSimulator: Installing



Experience Level



* Presented on this topic at an AACE Conference in Lisbon in 2011, time for a workshop! ;) * 17 years in education: 8 higher ed, 9 K-12 * Have been using virtual worlds in education since 2006 * Currently Director of Information and Learning Technologies for Schutz American School in Alexandria, Egypt * PhD in Educational Technology * MS degrees in Education and Software Engineering


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