Share Paper: Online Learning in Higher Education: Comparing Teacher and Learner Perspectives

  1. Peter Kilgour, Avondale College of Higher Education, Australia
  2. Maria Northcote, Avondale College of Higher Education, Australia
Wednesday, June 27 2:45 PM-3:15 PM Jordaan 2

Abstract: Abstract: Higher education teachers’ and learners’ experiences of online teaching and online learning are tempered by their respective perceptions of their online educational environments. While much research has been undertaken in recent years to explore students’ or teachers’ perceptions of online education, less research has been conducted that investigates the perceptions of both groups in parallel contexts. Utilizing a mixed methods research approach, focus groups and questionnaires were administered to three cohorts of students and their teachers, across three institutions. Results are presented in terms of teachers’ and students’ perceptions of preferred online learning environments, including their most and least ...