Share Paper: A Prototype of a Maker Education Program: Cultivating Entrepreneurship of Adolescents

  1. Seonghye Yoon, LET’s Lab (Leading Educational Technologists’ Lab), Korea (South)
  2. JeeEun Jang, Envisible, Inc., Korea (South)
  3. Seyoung Kim, Ewha Womans University, Korea (South)
Tuesday, June 26 12:00-12:20 PM Vondelpark

Abstract: This study aims to develop an educational program and materials for adolescents in order to nurture entrepreneurship through maker education. Based on the instructional design model for maker education to cultivate entrepreneurship, we developed educational programs and materials, including workbooks for learners and guidebooks for instructors. We will carry out an expert review and a pilot test in order to validate our program. Through maker education, this study contributes to the new instructional approaches and specific educational programs of entrepreneurship education.