Share Paper: Blended Learning in Adult Education - Adult Learners Online (ALO) project. The quality and design of online and blended learning: research results and instruments in an online competence centre.

  1. Bram Bruggeman, Toll-net POV, Belgium
  2. Bram Pynoo, VUB, Belgium
Tuesday, June 26 6:00 PM-7:00 PM Koepelzaal

Abstract: Online and blended learning is increasingly applied in adult education to enhance the accessibility and the flexibility of their education programs. However quality assurance, design of the learning environment, and competences of both learners and teachers are key issues that determine the success of online and blended learning. The β€œALO” (Adult Learners Online) project – a research and valorization project funded by the Flemish government for the period 2014-2018 – addressed four objectives: the overall quality assurance of online and blended learning (OBL); the learning design and learner support in OBL; teacher professional development and policy support. Valorisation of the ...