Share Paper: The Blended-Appended: Online Learning Pedagogy as an Afterthought - Instructor Challenges and Contradictions

  1. Elaine Correa, California State University, Bakersfield, United States
  2. Matthias Sturm, Simon Fraser University, Canada
Wednesday, June 27 12:00-12:20 PM Oud West

Abstract: What is the role of the instructor in the design of online and blended courses? This question may at first glance seem rather naïve, but the ‘absence of presence’ of the subject matter expert in the development of blended and online course environments is increasingly becoming a concern, particularly in terms of the afterthought that is given to ensuring courses are embedded with effective blended learning pedagogies. How is the role of teacher conceptualized using a blended approach in online teaching? What type of involvement needs to occur to ensure that the role of the teacher as content and pedagogical ...