Share Paper: Mobile Technology and Learning: Ideation to Implementation to Iteration

  1. Benjamin Deaton, Anderson University (SC) - Center for Innovation and Digital Learning, United States
  2. Cynthia Minchew Deaton, Clemson University, United States
  3. Joshua Herron, Anderson University, United States
Thursday, June 28 10:45 AM-11:15 AM Noord

Abstract: This paper provides an overview of both the growth and stages of mobile learning. As the adoption of mobiles in K-12 and higher education continues to grow, this paper highlights the characteristics of a world in which the adoption of mobiles rapidly increases. To further examine the growth, adoption, and implications of the use of mobiles, the paper examines the implications for teaching and learning that mobiles have on teaching and learning in higher education. Finally, the paper highlights a case study on the Mobile Learning Initiative (MLI) at Anderson University (SC) and how it is leading to a transformation ...