Share Paper: An Exploration of Mobile Media Consumption and Civic Engagement for College Students with Disabilities

  1. Jingrong Xie, The University of Kansas, United States
  2. James Basham, The University of Kansas, United States
  3. Michael Williams, The University of Kansas, United States
  4. Hongmin Zhang, Shanghai Sanda Uniersity, China

Abstract: This study investigated how postsecondary students, especially students with disabilities, interact with mobile media in China. By examining theoretical frameworks of Uses and Gratification (U & G) theory and Universal Design for Learning (UDL), we developed a conceptual framework to guide this pilot study. Using the descriptive studies method, we developed a survey to investigate the mobile media consumption patterns and civic participation of college students with and without disabilities in China. Findings indicated that students identified the needs of using mobile media for information gathering, opinion sharing, social networking, and language learning. To our knowledge, this was the first ...