Share Paper: Using Mobile Makerspaces to Support Classroom-based Augmented Reality (AR): A Scalable Framework for Encouraging Creativity and Innovation

  1. Daniel Tillman, The University of Texas at El Paso, United States
  2. Shaunna Smith, Texas State University, United States

Abstract: A makerspace provides support and resources for the users’ interests and projects pertaining to making things, often involving components like electronics, textiles, and 3D printers (Cohen, Jones, Smith, & Calandra, 2017). Makerspaces have many advantages, but because of their generally non-profit nature, often face issues pertaining to obtaining space and providing access. Mobile makerspace carts can provide a practical model for surpassing many of the space and access issues related to location-based makerspaces (Smith, 2017). Concepts for mobile makerspaces include such options as a STEM cart, an art cart, a video production cart, and a 3D printing cart (Johnson, Witte, ...