Share Paper: Teaching and Learning Leadership Skills Online: Experiences of Developing Leadership Skills in a Blended Learning Educational Leadership Programme

  1. Päivi Mayor, Tampere University of Applied Sciences, Finland
  2. Virpi Heinonen, Tampere University of Applied Sciences, Finland
  3. Irena Teneva, London, United Kingdom
  4. Minna Hämäläinen, Tampere, Finland
  5. Silja Kostia, Lahti University of Applied Sciences, Finland
Friday, June 29 12:00-12:20 PM De Wallen

Abstract: A diverse, international group of education and training professionals have been participating in a blended learning Master’s degree programme in Educational Leadership, offered by Tampere University of Applied Sciences, Finland. The program has been designed using authentic e-learning pedagogy, and it consists of intensive weeks, online courses and a thesis. The Leadership Practices course focuses on developing the contemporary leadership skills that are required from educational leaders in demanding working environments in different contexts. This paper examines the experiences of the teacher and students, particularly with regard to the pedagogical and technological choices to support collaborative online learning. The paper ...