Topic: E-learning/E-training


  • Abrar Almoosa
    University of Northern Colorado
    Windsor, CO
  • Michelle Beach
    Southwest Minnesota State University
    Marshall, TX
  • Carl Beckford
    University of the West Indies
    Spanish Town, Saint Catherine, Jamaica
  • Eugene Borokhovski (EdMedia + Innovate Learning 2018)
  • Yip Cheung Chan
    The Chinese University of Hong Kong
    Hong Kong
  • Todd Cooper
    National Institute of Technology, Toyama College
    Imizu, Toyama, Japan
  • Martin Ebner (EdMedia + Innovate Learning 2018)
  • Karen Gebhardt
    Colorado State University
    Fort Collins, CO
  • Lilia Juele
    Rockland Community College (State University of New York)
    Suffern, NY
  • Robin Kay
    University of Ontario Institute of Technology
    Oshawa, Ontario
  • Marco Lindley (EdMedia + Innovate Learning 2018)
  • Toru Nagahama (EdMedia + Innovate Learning 2018)
  • Petros Roussos (EdMedia + Innovate Learning 2018)
  • Hsiao-Ching She (EdMedia + Innovate Learning 2018)
  • Miri Shonfeld
    Kibbutzim College of Education and Mofet Institute
    Neẖalim, Central District, Israel
  • Claire Stuve
    The University of Toledo
    United States of America
  • Niila Tamminen
  • Joshua Weidlich
    FernUniversität in Hagen
    Hagen, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
  • Diane Wilcox
    James Madison University
    Harrisonburg, VA
  • An-Hsuan WU (EdMedia + Innovate Learning 2018)