Share Paper: Effect of Role-Play in Teamblog-Based Discussions on Pre-service Teachers’ Individual and Group Cognition: Evidence from Tagclouds

  1. Ying Xie, Northern Illinois University, United States
  2. Shu-Yuan Lin, Idaho State University, United States

Abstract: This presentation reports a research study about the effects of role-play in team blogging on pre-service teachers’ individual knowledge construction and group cognition as demonstrated by tagclouds. Thirty-six pre-service teachers were randomly assigned into eight groups and blogged for five weeks. Four groups were randomly selected to respond to an instructor assigned reading from a stakeholder’s perspective each week whereas the rest four groups contributed to the teamblogs freely without selecting a perspective. Data analyses included correlating participants’ individual and group rankings (as demonstrated in their team’s tagclouds) of concepts with the instructor’s ranking. Results revealed that the role-play on ...